The 7 Deadly Sins



A Margin of Lust

Book 1 in The 7 Deadly Sins

An ambitious real estate agent lands the listing of her dreams. The multi-million dollar, Laguna Beach ocean front property would be perfect if it wasn’t for the body upstairs and what’s hidden in the basement. Gwen Bishop fights her fears and her temptations to ready the house for sale, but every time it goes back on the market something goes horribly wrong.

Release date: June 2017 from Fawkes Press


The Scent ofVII_logo01-01 Wrath 

Book 2 in The 7 Deadly Sins

All Olivia Richards wants is a fresh start for herself and her nine-year-old son, but the past and the present are filled with ghosts. She’s happy in her new essential oil business located within a Dana Point Pilates studio, but she suspects someone is watching her through its floor to ceiling windows. When she begins finding cryptic messages about death and danger, she’s sure of it. But who? And why? Her ex-husband may be stalking her. Her boyfriend is definitely controlling. And, old suspicions haunt the medicine woman who’s been mentoring her.

Release date: December 2017 from Fawkes Press